Biotec company sets up R&D lab in high school.

GREENVILLE – Small biotech company C2 Biotechnologies has established a research lab and office at the Greenville High School campus with the support of the Greene County Industrial Development Agency and Senator James Seward..

The pilot project called the Greene Commercial Center creates a hybrid “innovation center” joining business, secondary and community college education and community organizations in a multi-functional business center/incubator environment at the high school, said Greene Industrial Development Agency Executive Director Sandy Mathis.

“We had this unique opportunity to put this bio startup in the only high school left in the county that has a Future Farmers of America program, and this a nice alternative energy feel to it and it seems to work,” he said.

C2 Biotechnologies specializes in developing consumables for the renewable energy markets. They design enzymes used to convert biomass into energy.

“This model of interacting with students and educators as a regular practice during research and development activities is extremely attractive and beneficial,” said Larry Cosenza, founder of C2 Biotechnologies. “Incorporating students into my regular course of conducting experiments is helpful and provides a level of education hard to replicate in the classroom.”

The Greeneville Central School District believes the project is a perfect fit with its current Agriculture and Science programming by providing real world connections to their existing curriculum.

“We are thrilled by the potential for student internships, employment and relevant hands-on scientific research in an emerging technological area,” said School Superintendent Cheryl Dudley.

The project cost of $8,250 was funded through a combination of the company’s US Energy grant and the Greene IDA’s use of a Senator Seward member item.