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C2Biotechnologies designs and constructs biological products and services for the renewable energy, fermentation and waste treatment markets. Using our patent-pending, fusion enzyme technology platform, we have developed waste-to-energy processes designed to be profitable, scalable, self-sufficient and self-sustainable.


C2Biotechonologies produces industrial enzymes that convert biomass into fermentable sugars.

Amylase fusion enzyme

Starch based feed stocks (food waste etc)

Cellulase fusion enzyme

Cellulosic feed stocks (wood, grass, manure, food waste)


C2Biotechonologies integrates our products with on-site operations to convert waste into energy.

Advanced anaerobic digestion

Enzyme enhanced methane production

Ethanol production

Enzyme based ethanol production. Energy production operation based on either starch or cellulosic feed stocks. Product is 80% pure ethanol

On-site enzyme production

Produces industrial enzymes at fraction of commercial costs.

Green house / aquaculture systems

Uses waste from energy operations to produce food.

E-MADGic Concept – Organic Waste-to-Energy & Food Closed Loop System

C2Biotechnologies has developed a concept that combines enzyme technology and consulting services to develop and construct operations to convert feedstock, recovered resources and waste streams into energy and agricultural products. Our E-MADGic Concept targets customers with one to five tons of waste per day and involves integrating three processes: 1) bio-fuel enzyme production, 2) microbial anaerobic digestion (MAD), and 3) green house operations.


An enzyme enhanced anaerobic system will be developed for energy production operations where waste streams are digested and then converted into bio-gas, very much like a mechanical cow. Digester operations will generate methane and soil that can be used for fuel and the growth of agricultural products.

Green House:

Production of agricultural products in an all year state-of- the-art green house will depend on client's input as well as C2B consulting to identify profitable operations. Vertical growing technologies are used to increase productivity. Agricultural products may include foods, decorative flowers, medicinal plants and herbs.