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C2 Biotechnologies is seeking support and collaborative partners to develop anti bacterial machines, Nano PredatorsTM.

We are seeking support to investigate the ability to manipulate the host specificity of bacteriophage. The concept of using bacteriophage to attack pathologic bacteria has gained renewed attention because of the threat of antibiotic resistant disease (Nilsson 2014). The global antibiotic market is expected to expand over $40 billion dollars, yet 50% - 60% of all hospital acquired infections are caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria, which highlights the industry’s current investment in R&D activity (“Antibiotic Resistance 2013: A Global Market Study” 2016). Historically, therapeutic bacteriophage were isolated by screening of samples from the environment. Screening of samples and identification of potential therapeutic clones is a time consuming and costly approach to developing medicinal bacteriophage. We believe the construction of a tool that can be used to produce a library of recombinant bacteriophage for panning for therapeutic clones is an interesting and important concept because it allows investigators to artificially evolve bacteriophage host interactions which could drastically reduce the cost of identifying therapeutic clones.